Real Name: Roger Wright

Aliases: Nemesis of Terrorists.

Occupation: Superhero, Research Scientist, Director of Gateway Research Laboratories, Inc.

Known Relatives: David (father), Sarah (mother), Ralph (brother, deceased) Tamara (sister-in-law)

Affiliations: Claire Farrow

Enemies: Igor Larsen, Sergei Viroshonsky, Terrorists.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: AVENGER #1 (Magazine Enterprises, 1955)


History: Roger Wright became the Avenger to avenge the death of his brother, Daniel. Daniel was a sergeant in the U.S. Special Forces, who was tortured and killed by terrorists.

Powers & Weapons: Avenger is a highly skilled unarmed combatant and an excellent marksman. He has a bionic right eye that allows him to see in the dark, and an acoustic sensor that replaces his left ear, giving him enhanced hearing. The Avenger wears a suit of light body armor, and wears a utility belt in which he stores a variety of items, such as gas masks, surveillance bugs, and single-shot weapons. He has a VTOL aircraft known as the Starjet and the Dissolver pistol--all of which are his own inventions.


The Avenger is based upon the character originally created by Dick Ayers.

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