Real Name: Achilles Prey.

Also Known AS: The Hunter. The Corporate Raider.

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland.

Occupation: CEO of AchillesCorp.

Known Relatives: Unknown(father), Unknown(mother)

Affiliations: Maximum Injustice

Enemies: All superheroes, Agent Warner, Detective Bluett.

Grudges:Shujuu, Shujua, Kid Shujuu, Mighty Girl, Scarlet Scarab, Sparkler, Ballistic, Calibre, Dust, Soul Sorceress, Scarlet Nemesis.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City.

Creators: Karl Dabney, Bryan Warner.

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #1

History: Achilles Prey was born and raised in the poverty stricken area of Gateway City known as Northside, the child of abusive parents, with a fierce desire for a better life. As a teenager, Achilles decided that his last name meant he had a birthright that had been lost by his family. That he was destined to be a hunter, a predator. He spent months designing a harmless-looking booby-trap, which he used to kill both of his parents. After their deaths were ruled "accidental," he collected a double pay-out from a large life insurance policy he had taken out in their names. With that money, he went on to build his company AchillesCorp.
He is a dominating influence in both Gateway City and East Gateway City.
Achilles experiences a euphoric joy each time he can purchase a business whose owners despise him. He personally terminates them with a carefully written, sadistically polite handwritten memo.

Powers & Weapons: Aside from his wealth, Prey is an Olympic-level athlete, a gifted tactician, hunter, and hand-to-hand combatant. He also has great knowledge of pressure points, both in the anatomy of humans and in many animals. He can strike at these nerve clusters with pinpoint accuracy, allowing him to incapacitate more powerful opponents or animals. He is familiar with many exotic poisons and tranquilizers, which he often uses on his "hunts".

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