Real Name: Merrie Bateman

Aliases: The Champion.

Function: Student, Adventurer.

Known Relatives: Willem(brother), Janelle (sister)

Affiliations: Shujuu, Shujua, Mighty Girl, Shujuu Family, Maximum Justice.

Enemies: Achilles Prey, Firebrand, Adversary, Algor Mortis, Atrocity, Cyborg Shujuu, Hammerhead, Bad Penny, Asp, Gronn, Maximum Injustice, Professor Zero, Timelapse, Bloodcrave.

Base of Operation: Gateway City.

First appearance: THE POWER OF SHUJUU #4

History: Maat, an extra-dimensional being that protects the order of the universe, returned to Earth after 3,500 years to restore her principles on Earth. After being shocked by the prevailing corruption of her ideals, she picked Merrie Bateman, and gave her superhuman powers.

Powers & Weapons: Flight, super-strength, and wisdom. All the power comes from the extra-dimensional designed belt she wears. The belt has a security device which prevents anyone other than Merrie from using it; the security device causes a power-surge that will vaporize any unauthorized person attempting to use the belt.

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