Real Name: Paul Bogardus

Aliases: Gorgon's Head

Occupation: Professional Crimal. Former FBI agent.

Known Relatives: Glenn(father), Maria(mother), Francis(sister, deceased)

Affiliations: Maximum Injustice, Bloodsplatter, Black Death, Bodycount, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Achilles Prey.

Enemies: Patrioteer, Mothman, Mothwoman, Blue Flame, Bad Penny.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: Yankee Comics #3?

Modern Appearance: HERO AT LARGE #2

History: Paul Bogardus is an an extremely brutal man, a bully in fact. After getting suspended from using excessive force, Bogardus went to an old awimming hole he use to play in as a kid, and found it to be filled with toxic chemicals and what he at first thought werestone figurines. A closer investigation revealed they were not. Bogardus began collecting the sludge for his own personal uses.

Powers & Weapons: Bogardus does not possess any superhuman powers, but relies on a variety of technological devices. He designed a costume of synthetic stretch fabric equipped with storage canisters for an unknown organic chemical compound that can turn any matter it come into contact with into "stone", with the effect lasting for approximately one hour. His primary weapons are twin projectile sprayers adorned with lizard-like heads, connected by an armored tubing to a container on his person. Bogardus is an expert chemist, a skilled marksman, and a talented disguise artist. .

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