Real name: Udo Kruger

Aliases: Jeeps, Creeper, Freak-Out.

Occupation: Terrorist/Assassin.

Known Relatives: None

Affiliations: Bad Penny.

Enemies: Abattoir, Beast, Defiler, Succubus.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First Appearance: ZIP COMICS #31(As Creeper)

Modern Appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #3

History: Jeeper is born a metahume. The details of his parentage and early life are thus far unknown or as he refers to it "the normal, boring time of my life", got kick out of middle school for looking, acting, and smelling too 'creepy'.

Powers & Weapons: Normal human male who engages in intensive regular exercise. Jeeper is an Olympic-class acrobat thanks to his flexible spine. The Jeeper at times wields a scythe which he uses in addition to his "dance of death". Jeeper also uses a fear gas sprayer in the finger-tips of his glove, he leave a skull-shaped tiki as a calling card, motion-sensor activated, it will release the fear poison when a victim is near. On those occasions where he is a commissioned assassin, he has needles strapped to each of his fingers on his hands with which he injects fear toxins into his victim, causing them to have a coronary.

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