Real Name: Samson Strongbow

Aliases: Man-Of-The-Birds, Son-Of-The-Birds, Great Soul

Occupation: Adventurer.

Known Relatives: John (father), Maureen (mother), Ryan (brother, deceased)

Affiliations: Maximum Justice

Enemies: Golem, Dr. Dennis Exton, Munsinto Corporation, The Corpse, Achilles Prey, Warmonger, Defiler, Red-Rum.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First Appearance: WEIRD COMICS #1 (Fox Feature Syndicate, 1940).


History: As a Native American child, Samson Strongbow was part of a tribe that was massacred by a brutal motorcycle gang. Samson was the only one that survived, hiding in the mountains until help arrived.

Powers & Weapons: Birdman is a metahume with the ability of telekinesis, which he uses to fly, and has limited empathic abilities and a rapid healing rate. He is armed with a bow and arrows and a knife, and is a skilled fighter, with or without his weapons.

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