Real name: Parker Petersen

Aliases: Black Spider

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer.

Known Relatives: Gloria Jean, wife.

Affiliations: Momentum, Team Max.

Enemies: Arachnoid, Veneer, Cyborg Pharaoh, Exterminator, Blue Gjinn, Fly, Cobra, Asp, Red Baron, Ex-Patriot, Unit H, Fire Ant, Elasticman, Manx, Chesspiece. Savage Seven

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #4

History: While field testing his mechanical legs for construction applications, Parker saved a young teenager from harm. This experience made him re-evaluate his goals for the mechanical spider legs. He constructed a battlesuit and began fighting crimes as Deathspider.

Powers & Weapons: Deathspider wears a helmet that controls the detachable mechanical legs.

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