Real Name: Judith Allen

Aliases: Judy, Dark Dahlia, Night Flower, Black Rose.

Occupation: Forensic Sculptor.

Known Relatives: Richard (father), Samantha (mother), Gary (brother)

Affiliations: Scarlet Nemesis, The New Champions.

Enemies: Arson, Firebug, Pyro, Defile, Kadmos Corporation, Achilles Prey, Black Death, Headhuntress.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First Appearance: All-New Comics #2 (Harvey Comics, 1943)

Modern Appearance: WHC PRESENTS REBIRTH #5

History: Black Orchid is a young woman who found the super-powered harness hidden by the superhero Scarlet Nemesis while he was working in civilian mode, doing his job. Wanting vengeance for the death of her mother, she created a bullet-resistant costume for herself, and set out to use her martial art skills to fight crime.

Powers & Weapons: Skilled martial artist. Super-strength.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon the character originally created by George Tuska.

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