Real Name: Linda Master

Aliases: Death's Bride, Angel of Death, Black Heart of Revenge. Red Widow.

Occupation: Inventor.

Known Relatives: Robert (father), Sarita (mother), Mark (brother)

Affiliations: , The New Champions.

Enemies: Sofia "The Hag" Kommensky, Igor Kommensky, Lieutenant Holman, Beast, Defile, Kadmos Corporation, Achilles Prey, Scarface, Wasp, Scorpion, Black Death, Headhuntress.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First Appearance: Catman Comics #1 (Consolidated Publishing, 1941)

Modern Appearance: WHC PRESENTS REBIRTH #4

History: Inventor Linda Masters lost her sight after seeing the bloody, beaten body of her husband, Detective Tavis Masters. After going to sleep, the Black Widow persona emerged. She went to her lab and "stole" experimental equipment, and adopted the costumed identity of the lethal lady called the Black Widow.

Powers & Weapons: Black Widow has no powers, but she wears armor which gives her some protection from injury and heals her minor wounds. The red lipstick she wears contains an unknown poison, which she uses to administer the "Kiss of Death",.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon the character originally published by Holyoke. Her creators are unknown. Her blindness is psychological.

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