Real Name: Not Admissible

Aliases: The Captain

Rank: Captain.

Known Relatives: (Unnamed father, Unnamed mother).

Affiliations: Deep Space Command

Enemies: Omegans, Panthermen, Skrylls, Volkron.

Base of Operation: StarviewDSV

First appearance: STARVIEW(DSV) #1

History: Christopher Rann is a highly trained strategist and problem solver who is an expert in close-quarter combat, various human and alien firearms, and battle techniques. He has extensive knowledge of various alien customs, societies, and cultures, and considerable knowledge of cosmic abstracts. Christopher Rann is the first commander of the experimental, deep space vessel christened Starview.

Powers & Weapons: Chris Rann wears a suit that grants augmented strength and durability, as well as the ability to travel through space. Rann's chosen weapons are two Deep Space Command issued semi-automatic sidearms, which are capable of firing various types of ammunition, including explosives.

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