Real Name: Freeman Frederich


Function: Student, Adventurer.

Known Relatives: Norman(brother), Janelle (sister)

Affiliations: Shujuu, Shujua, Mighty Girl, Maximum Justice.

Enemies: Achilles Prey, Firebrand, Adversary, Algor Mortis, Atrocity, Cyborg Shujuu, Hammerhead, Bad Penny, Asp, Gronn, Maximum Injustice, Professor Zero, Timelapse, Bloodcrave.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City.

First appearance: THE POWER OF SHUJUU #4

History: Freeman Frederich encounter Willem Bateman, the new Avatar of Ma'at, and his girlfriend Christine Braxton, one day after the two had gotten a flat tire on their mini-van. Seeing no one offering to help, and despite his medical condition, Freeman changed the tire. The exhaustive work sent Freeman to the hospital. Later, after learning of their young hero's medical condition, Shujuu took young Freeman to the Temple of Ma'at, where Freeman Frederich was awarded with his own superhuman powers.

Powers & Weapons: Flight, super-strength, and wisdom. All the power comes from the extra-dimensional designed belt he wears. The belt has a security device which prevents anyone other than Freeman from using it; the security device causes a power-surge that will vaporize any unauthorized person attempting to use the belt.

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