Real name: Not Admissible


Occupation: Retribution.

Known Relatives: Not Admissible

Affiliations: Shadow Lady

Enemies: Abattoir, Beast, Defiler, Succubus, Various Sinners.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #4

History: The mystical weapon known as Angelskin descended to Earth in a subtle, white light. It is an ancient weapon that heightens the bearer's power of perception and can summon at will "Purity", a sword of fire that can only destroy the sinful nature of a human being. The first known human to wield the Angelskin was a woman named Natalie Walker. She used the power to help stop the hijacking of a plane. Once the hi-jackers' souls were purified, Natalie lost the power, but was so overwhelmed by the experience that she devoted her life to studying the Angelskin, hoping to regain it.

Powers & Weapons: It also bestows on the bearer the abilities of retro-cognition or psychometry, triggered by the physical presence of the person, allowing Angelskin access to their forgotten memories. It is sentient and symbiotic. Flight is another of its powers.

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