Real Name: Kendall Richard

Aliases: Dream Warrior, The Universal Dream Master, The Fearless Dream-Master

Occupation: Private Security.

Known Relatives: Paul (father), Jessica (mother), Daniel (brother, deceased)

Affiliations: Shadow Lady, Scarlet Scarab, Blue Flame

Enemies: Munsinto Corporation, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Rusty Blade.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First Appearance: RED BAND COMICS (Enwil Publishing) #1


History: Kendall Richard, a gangster and collector of mystical artifacts, won an internet auction for a novelty called "the Dream-Stone". Rusty Blade, a crime lord who also wanted the artifact, refused to accept the loss and sent several of his thugs to acquire the "rock" at any cost. A wounded Kendall's blood dripped on the Dream-Stone, activating its once dormant mystical powers.

Powers Weapons: Bogeyman is a mystic who can cast various spells, place people in a trance through magic, and travel great distances with his mist of passage. Bogeyman can create nightmarish creatures like the pesanta and winged mara out of mystic energy to attack his enemies. Bogeyman can cast illusions and fire mystical bolts from his fists. Bogeyman acquired the Dream-Stone after saving the life of a psychic. It can rip the soul from any sleeping individual and place them under Bogeyman's control.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon the character published by Rural/Enil. He appeared in Red Band #1-4, but #2 was a reprint of his original story. He made cover-only appearances in #3-4. His creators are unknown.

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